Gravity Switch
Gravity Switch logo
Publisher Ketchapp logo
Developer Monkey Food Games
Release Date(s) May 11, 2016
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Modes Single-player
In-Game Currency Gravity Switch coin Coins

Gravity Switch is an arcade platform game developed by Monkey Food Games and published by Ketchapp. It was released to iOS and Android on May 11, 2016.

Gameplay Edit

The goal of Gravity Switch is to guide a cubical character as far as possible on a three-dimensional track. Tapping the screen reverses gravity, causing the character to move to either the top or bottom of the track. The walls themselves are made up of bars which vary in length. If the character hits the side of any wall, it will disappear on impact, and the game will end.

Purchases Edit

While playing, the player can collect yellow, cubical coins placed randomly in the track. They can be used to purchase several different new cube designs. After reaching 200 coins, players can purchase a random cube, ranging from "common" to "legendary" in frequency. Certain cubes can grant the player special powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the floating obstacles in Gravity Switch are shaped like arrows.
  • The gameplay is similar to a certain mode in the hit mobile game Geometry Dash by RobTop Games.

Strategies Edit

  • Avoid upwards slopes on the ground and downhills on the ceiling to dodge the sides of walls.
  • Keep calm during gameplay and do not overtap the screen.
  • For beginners, do not worry about collecting coins. They are readily available in the form of gifts.

Gallery Edit

Trailer Edit

Official Gravity Switch Game Trailer-0

Official Gravity Switch Game Trailer-0