Jelly Jump
Jelly Jump
Publisher Ketchapp logo
Developer Wildroad Games logo Wildroad Games
Release Date(s) May 2, 2015
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Modes Single-player
In-Game Currency Jelly Jump jelly blob Jelly blobs

Jelly Jump is an arcade platform game developed by Wildroad Games and published by Ketchapp. It was released on May 2, 2015 for free on iOS and Android.

Gameplay Edit

The main goal of Jelly Jump is to guide the jelly as far as possible by tapping and avoiding moving obstacles. Tapping the screen causes the jelly to jump upwards. Upon jumping, a platform appears above the jelly, with two pieces connecting together from both sides of the screen, and the player is required to jump before it closes up. While playing, a black pool rises up from the bottom of the screen. If the player does not jump quickly enough, they will be consumed by the pool and the game will end.

Purchases Edit

Players can buy different blobs by collecting smaller jelly blobs while playing the game. Jellies can only be bought progressively. Jelly blobs can also be spent to automatically rise to a certain distance. The sole non-free in-app purchase in the game, for $1.99, is to remove advertisements.

Trivia Edit

  • Jellies can get stuck in a closing platform, but repeatedly tapping the screen may free it in time.
  • The color scheme of Jelly Jump randomly varies, but the color of the pool remains the same.
  • Each jelly is created by a machine, which can be seen if the player purchases a new jelly or has just downloaded the game.

Gallery Edit

Trailer Edit

Unofficial Jelly Jump Game Trailer

Unofficial Jelly Jump Game Trailer