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About Ketchapp
Ketchapp is a French mobile game publishing company which generally produces games in the arcade genre. It was founded in 2013 by Antoine and Michel Morcos in Paris, France, with its first game being Chilly Rush. Ketchapp has published several prominent casual indie games, including Stack and Circle, which have ranked as among the most downloaded mobile games in the App Store and the Play Store. You can visit their official website at
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Things to Know
The following are guidelines all users should follow in order to keep the wiki in order.

General editing

Everyone is encouraged to contribute towards the development of the wiki. The simplest way to do this is by editing an article. When doing so:

  • Please verify that all information added is completely accurate.
  • Be as encyclopedic as possible, make the article sound professional.
  • Check that the grammar and spelling are accurate before publishing.
  • Click the Preview button to check for any mistakes before publication.
  • Write in third-person (do not use pronouns such as 'you or 'we').
  • Include only verifiable information and not opinions or speculation.

Uploading files

The Ketchapp Wiki has an organised file system that includes images, videos and audio. Every uploaded file should have a permanent place on an article. Remember when uploading files for articles:

  • Use the .png file extension for images where applicable.
  • Aim for large high resolution images (they can be resized).
  • Avoid replacing files that have already been categorized.
  • Use 'thumb' and specify a pixel width when inserting a file onto pages.
  • Try not to forget writing 'File:' preceding the name, and the extension following the name.
  • For example: [[File:Ketchapp.png|thumb|250px]]

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