Risky Road
Risky Road
Publisher Ketchapp logo
Developer Sanposuru
Release Date(s) May 2, 2015
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Modes Single-player
In-Game Currency Risky Road coin Coins

Risky Road is an arcade platform game developed by Sanposuru and published by Ketchapp. It was released to iOS and Android on April 28, 2016.

Gameplay Edit

The goal of Risky Road is to drive a pickup truck as far as possible without dropping the egg placed in its bed. The truck accelerates if the player holds the screen. Players must maneuver the vehicle through obstacles, including ramps and bridges over water, pits, loop-the-loops, and hills. If the egg touches the ground, it will shatter and the game will end. Points are earned by passing by blue signs, which appear before and after every obstacle.

Purchases Edit

While playing, players can collect coins by passing over them with the truck. If the egg touches a coin, but not the truck, the coin will not be collected. Coins can be spent on buying trucks and eggs of different color or design. Most of these items cost 200 coins, but some of them cost 1,000 coins.

Trivia Edit

  • The gameplay in Risky Road resembles that of the mobile game Egg Car by Orangenose Studios.
  • It is possible to travel backwards by driving the truck to the top of a ramp and allowing it to reverse.
  • The color scheme (the ground and background color) randomly changes between orange and blue.


  • Not driving at maximum speed will make it easier to control the truck and protect the egg from shaking.
  • Drive at a medium pace in the case of a pit, so that the truck can reach the maximum speed quickly.
  • Do not accelerate in the blue section of loop-the-loops, but drive as fast as possible in the pink section.


Trailer Edit

Official Risky Road Game Trailer

Official Risky Road Game Trailer