Publisher Ketchapp logo
Developer Mauigo Games logo Mauigo Games
Release Date(s) November 11, 2015
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Modes Single-player
In-Game Currency Twist gem Gems

Twist is an arcade platform game developed by Mauigo Games and published by Ketchapp. It was released to iOS and Android on November 11, 2015.

Gameplay Edit

In Twist, the player must roll a a ball as far as possible in a three-dimensional track. By tapping, the ball jumps towards the floating platform closest to it. There are long and square platforms, and players must tap at the right time to avoid missing a platform and losing. During gameplay, the ball can collect spherical pink gems, which serve as the currency to purchase new platform colors and ball designs.

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Trailer Edit

Official Twist Game Trailer

Official Twist Game Trailer